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Brandon University Students' Union

BUSU strives to enhance student life and the quality of education through consultation, representation, and advocacy


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The Knowles Douglas Student Union Centre (KDC) was originally constructed in 1922 as the Citizen’s Science Building.  This building, part of the original Brandon College, served as the home of the Brandon University Science Faculty until the 1960’s with the construction of the Brodie Science Centre and later served as the home of the Drama Department along with other university functions until being turned over to the Brandon University Students’ Union in 1985.

The Building is administered by the Knowles Douglas Commission which is a partnership corporation majority controlled by the students’ union with representation from the university, faculty association and alumni.  The current name of the centre honors two of Brandon University’s famous graduates– Tommy Douglas and Stanley Knowles.

The current building complex consists of two components – the first being the original Citizen’s Science Building and the second component consisting of a student common space (aptly named The Mingling Area), the BU bookstore, SUDS, Forbidden Flavours Coffee, Look Music, and Headlines Hair Studio.

The original building is a provincially designated heritage site, having been so listed in 1992.  This building represents one of the few remaining examples of gothic revival architecture in the city.  The distinctive steep pitched roofline of the building is a prominent feature on the campus.

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